New Construction

In the world of home construction, small equals nimble. And because we’re a boutique joinery, our technology is readily adaptable to our clients’ needs. We work closely with designers, architectural teams and homeowners themselves to ensure the resulting product is relevant and complementary for the structure you’re building. Rather than show you a product we already make that fits what you’re doing, we customize a model for you.


At Prestige, we specialize in renovations. From replicating long-forgotten designs in a way that’s indistinguishable from the original to removing old windows and installing new upgrades complete with weather stripping, hardware and high-performing efficient glass, we’ve got you covered. Window inserts are a simple process – and we can do it in all shapes, sizes and styles while remaining sympathetic to the existing structure.


Those windows, the really unique ones? The ones that you just don’t know where they come from? We’re the people who do those. Whether it’s a ten foot round window, an elliptical transom over your doorway or a stately oval in the bathroom, – give us your toughest shapes: there’s nothing we can’t produce for your home.