The entryway is where you welcome friends into your home, and your heart. It’s where your home’s personality shines. Whether ornate, rustic, organic or stately, your entryway can set the tone for how you want your home to look and feel, whether that’s casual, formal or somewhere in between. As a custom shop, we work with yourself, your designer and your architectural team, using everything from local materials to exotic hardwoods to build anything your heart desires.

Exterior Doors

Exterior Bi-fold Doors

While a familiar sight in other coastal locations such as Australia, these doors are relatively new to the North American market. But at Prestige, we’ve been creating customized exterior bi-fold doors for over a decade with excellent results. These doors allow for extremely large openings in your home – up to 48 feet wide. Suited to patios and decks, exterior bi-fold doors bring the view to you – and they’re great for entertaining, as they allow traffic to flow from living areas out to the patio space.

Exterior Lift & Slide Doors

If you’re looking for unobstructed views, these stunning doors are your answer. Developed and widely used in Europe, exterior lift-and-slide doors allow you to move extraordinarily large pieces of glass with minimal effort. With their outstanding durability, and with the advantage of allowing you to move huge panes along a finely engineered set of wheels at the mere twist of a handle, these doors confer a sense of beauty and functionality.

Interior Doors

At Prestige, we deal in the unique. Our specialty is customizing for you those things that are a little off the beaten path. You won’t find any hollow-core doors here: we do traditional interior doors, barn-style doors, ultra-modern doors with exposed pocket hardware…you name it, we work with your design team to create it. From recreating a one-of interior door for a century-old home, to providing complete interior door packages for new construction: there’s nothing we can not do.