millworkWe are a traditional custom millwork shop located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. As a small and flexible operation, we pride ourselves on offering our clients a high degree of responsiveness, attention to detail, and an eye to your bottom line. Our 7656 square-foot shop houses the most efficient, modern equipment available – and a strong, proficient team of woodworking experts. We stay abreast of industry developments and make informed investments in the newest technologies to further enhance the quality of our product.

Since 1986, Prestige has built an enduring reputation for excellent quality and unparalleled expertise. We specialize in architectural commissions for high-end residential and commercial projects throughout the capital region. We’re also the go-to people for those customized windows and doors to fit every age of home — and every odd-shaped nook.

At Prestige Joinery, we want to ensure our clients feel great about every project we do together. As collaborative partners, we work with clients every step of the way to make sure your needs are understood – and met. Integrity and honesty form the cornerstones of our exceptional customer service. Prestige Joinery takes pride in the quality of the workmanship of our products, and we stand by what we make.

“One thing that drives Prestige is we strive for a traditional feel to our product. We’re streamlined and our focus is on efficiency, but it’s on quality, too. Some of our joinery is still done that traditional way — and even though it’s not necessarily the fastest, it’s the best.”

– Daryl Wootton – third generation woodworker, and owner.